Long old stones

Noble and timeless, to magnify stone mansions and gardens

Located in Beurlay (17), between Saintes and Rochefort and La Rochelle, the company long & son is at the heart of a rich region of heritage linked to the stone, to which it contributes both in restoration and enrichment. Working only strictly selected materials whose sustainability is part of the story, its know-how are at the service of individuals, decorators, landscapers and architects. The talent of these craftsmen operates in creation or the reissue of old equipment (fireplaces, fountains, stairs, pools, columns, doors in stone...), the restoration of the facades of character, the realization of copings and paved pool design of sinks, sinks or shower... bins and any order to measure up to the most demanding projects. For this purpose, the company has invested in a center of digital use of tip, accompanying the know-how ancestraldes Stonecutters irreplaceable gestures, to a result ' excellence.

Les frères Liéval, à votre service

The company is now in the hands of a powerful duo: Christophe is the expert in technical areas, and his brother Sylviano to the mastery of project management. Both lulled since their childhood in the old materials, have the experience of a multitude of projects: creations and installations of stone elements in the beautiful Parisian habitat, copy the same of books destined for listed buildings. restoring homes for foreigners who invest in France, parks facilities... Together, these conservators of french heritage are tuned and in the service of each customer from start to finish any project. They also sell internationally.

If a stone fireplace makes you dream...

Among his many skills, long & son has made a specialty of the old fireplace and its installation at home. The company has very beautiful pieces of time, recovered and ready to be rehabilitated again or to magnify an Interior, after have been restored or completed, as appropriate.
The sixteenth century to the present day, the diversity of models allows restores of character or luxury decorations, each piece is unique, in a wide choice of dimensions: corner fireplace, fireplace monumental with or without trumeau, fireplace fireplace, country... in Management Board, Empire styles, Louis XIII, Louis XVI, Regency, Louis XV, etc. All available chimneys are visible in the showroom in Beurlay, and the site of long - vieillespierres.com.Christophe and Sylviano long are at your disposal to advise you, studying your project, introduce the models best suited reproducing a particular model, to deliver and install the fireplace chosen... where the pillars, columns, fountains, pools, ponnes, wells, portals and other treasures which are also presented.

HD Media Group, reeditor Jean-Luc MERCIER